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It is so important for our young generation to develop discipline and dedication coupled with positive experiences. If we enrich our young, we enrich all of our futures.

Young people in band and guard develop crucial skills to become capable and successful adult members of society:

  • Discipline: They learn to work hard and realize that they are   capable of working hard. They learn to push through.

  • Time Management and Sacrifice: They give up a lot of free time to rehearse and still get their school work done.

  • Teamwork: No one sits on the bench! They learn to depend on other and be someone who others can depend on.

  • Resilience and Flexibility: They make mistakes and keep going. They take criticism and they adjust and improve.

  • Connections: They interact with students they might not normally meet. They develop a second family that helps them through the tough high-school years.

  • Brain & Body Benefits: Countless studies show the benefits of music and movement for school performance and health.

Please support the Oak Grove Marching Band and Colorguard for a better community today and into our future!

Benefits of Band and Guard

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