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Day 2 and 3 are in the books.

Day 2 Ride Map

Sorry I did not post last night, fell asleep.

I have had a great time so far. Tuesday was an early start and heading from Carpenteria to Lompoc. Had a great visit with Teresa's cousin Mary and slept really well. The ride was familiar, really did not have to look at the directions. Got onto 101 and rode like the wind. Unfortunately I got a flat for the first time in 4 years. That was a little stressful but 6 minutes later I was rolling again. Got some good times on some of the splits. Riding strong but conservative. Many miles left to go.

Day 3 Ride Map

Day 3 was another nice day. I did not ride with music so I was thinking a lot while I rode. Fighting through the wind got a couple top 10 all time splits. That was cool. This day is the most fun for me for some reason. Lots of little cities and windy hilly back roads to get to the beautiful city of Morro Bay. I beat dad and Tyler to Klondike Pizza which is the pit stop for the day. I laughed at them. Then a short second half to the hotel. As I road I saw a sign that reminded me of Bay City Experience from 2004. That was a cool show. Most of these shows were really good. All the bands were good. Hard working and committed to each other. The best part was that each time the band left the field for the last time there were smiles, tears and satisfaction knowing that the last performance was the best. I appreciate you all, those that committed and trusted. The evening was a great visit with Samantha Chancellor and her family. Great dinner and company. Sorry for the short post, super tired, time to sleep!

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