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Day 4 done.

Day 4 Ride Map

This was a really hard day. Lots of unknown on this one. Late start, that meant wind would be stronger at the end.

First half was good, climb was smooth and fun, fast decent into Atascadero. Rollers in the back roads saw a coyote. He also saw me. Really pretty animal. Good force into the pedals and solid pace. Met dad and Ty at Camp Roberts. Poptarts and water and away I went.

The second half was tough. Went through a city called Bradley, population 120. Looked like it was the 1960's there. I saw two of those 120 and they both waved at me. Took about 3 minutes to ride through the entire city. What was interesting was the Bradley Joint Union School District has 3 full sized buses....for 120 total people in the city. I thought that was funny. Right after Bradley I go onto Highway 101. I was expecting to fly. But it was not to be.

One of the crown jewels of the spring professional cycling season is the race called "Paris Roubaix", also known as the "Hell of the North". There are upwards of 27 sections of cobble stones. This is a race that is survival of the fittest. I have always thought I could complete any pro race (slowly) except possibly this race. The 16 mile section of HWY 101 made me think of the Paris Roubaix. The absolute worst road that I can remember that I have been on. Horrible bumps every 5 feet. If I went out onto the highway where the cars drive, it would have been great but not the shoulder. Then I finished that and had 16 miles on Cattelmen Road. I was relieved to see the exit to the road, but the road was just as bad. I lost all my force, the wind kicked up. I was giving everything I could to get to the end. Luckily I know mentally I am strong enough not to stop.

The thought of the Paris Roubaix took me to all the wonderful European trips we have taken. London 6 times, Paris twice, and Edinburgh, Rome, Madrid each once. Wonderful opportunities for these students. Amazing performances, sights seen and memories made. The plan is to go to Rome in 2022! You heard it here.

Time to sleep, exhausted today. Another big day tomorrow with new routes into Monterey. Gotta plan it out in the morning. Good night all, thank you for everything! I am doing this for you!

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