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Ride4MouraMusic, 4th Edition, Day 1, Complete!

This experience has been wonderful so far. Yesterday, driving down to Beverly Hills to see one of my best friends Aaron McPherson and hang at his house, eat a little, laugh a lot and rest my body before the first day.

Woke at 2:47 am, amped up and ready to go. Mapped my route out at 3, made coffee at 5, departed for UCLA at 6:30. Parked, blew two tubes because my brand new tire was not working right. Met up with Scott Evans, Roubaix Charton and Brian Duke Song to begin. About an hour into the ride there was an overturned car with power lines down. After waiting for about 10 minutes a random dude on a bike said that he was going to try to make it under the lines next to the power pole, he made it and so we decided to go as well. Saved us about 20 miles of big climbs and rollers by being able to go under the lines.

Went to Pt. Mugu and Scott, Rob and I ate poptarts before they headed back while I continued on. The rest of the ride was beautiful, tons of surfers, great looking sets coming in and a solid headwind. Felt great and beat my expected time to the meeting point where I ended.

Drove up to Mitch and Mary Rapp Moore's house for great visits, great food, a little nap and a nice visit with my nephew Kegan Smith. I am about ready to shut it down for the evening.

Thank you for following me and rooting me on. It is very humbling. We have three ways to donate to the Oak Grove Band Boosters in the name of my ride. We have a GoFundMe on Facebook at Oak Grove Band Boosters, you can donate through if your employer matches donations (Oak Grove Band Boosters) or you can go the and click the donate button. I really appreciate you all. You make this much easier because of your support. Sleep well, see you in the morning!!

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