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Field Season

Everything you need to know about field season

Water: We ask that each student donates two cases of water. The students need this water for football games and for shows.  Please bring donations to the band room. 

Desserts:  Each class donates dessert for a specific show. Please donate desserts that don’t need to be cut, refrigerated, or eaten with a fork. Bring what you like! (Anything with nuts should have a label!)​

At The Show Site:  Early in the week of each show, you’ll get specific information about call times and return times, etc. Watch email!!Buses and the Oak Grove trucks park and students put on uniforms and warm up.Parents can come find the big semi-truck and help set up tables, etc. and prep for dinner (which isn’t served until after awards are given out).​Members warm up, perform, and return to the truck to get out of uniform and put away instruments before they return to the stadium for awards.Parents often run into the stadium (usually costs $15) to see OG perform and then return to the truck to finish preparing dinner. In the stadiums, we try to sit together near the 50 yard line to cheer for our kids.After awards, when all other bands are leaving, OG feasts!  Parents serve a full, hot meal, and everyone rides the post-performance adrenaline high (no matter what the scores were). Parents, please come back to the truck and help serve dinner!  It’s easy…just grab a pair of gloves, a spoon, and jump in!After dinner, parents clean up and finish packing the trucks while Moura and the members do a wrap-up discussion.Then members, chaperones, and directors hop on the buses and ride home. At OG, members must stay until the truck is parked and they unload their instrument and put it away.​We encourage all parents to come to shows and see what all the students’ work has been for!  Our kids are amazing!  Please come back to the truck and help serve and clean up.  Lots of hands makes the work quick and easy.​If you have questions, please ask your class rep!​Please visit our How You Can Help, FundraisingCalendar, Shows and Events Schedule and any of our other pages for up to date info on what you need to know.If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate person listed on our Contacts page.We sincerely hope you enjoy your time with us!

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