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How you can help

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Member Info: How You Can Help

This organization is run by volunteers, and we need your help to make everything run smoothly. Any amount of help, little or small, is very much appreciated and needed!


Areas we need help:

Fundraising – our band and color guard is almost completely supported by fundraisers

  • Ideally, someone to head up this area is needed. Our president is currently chairing this as well.

  • Chairing (organizing) smaller areas, such as Dine Out Nites, Poinsettias, See’s, Holiday Gift Wrap, De Brito Apples, and more!


  • A new lead is needed, as our chair is graduating out

  • Assistance with hair braiding, measuring costumes, ironing, and more!

Treasurer & Student Accounts

  • A new lead (this is a board position) is also needed here, as our Treasurer is graduating out

  • Assistance with Student Accounts, or possibly taking over this position

Props & Equipment

  • Join Pit Crew and help with props during shows and practice

  • Help build props and maintain them throughout the season

  • Help load and unload the trucks before and after the shows.


  • Help prep and/or serve food during our shows.

  • Help cleaning dishes after the shows


Please contact Beth Braithwaite at for more details or with any questions.

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