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The benefits of joining the band and color guard

Young people in band and guard develop crucial skills to become capable and successful adult members of society:

  • Discipline: They learn to work hard and realize that they are   capable of working hard. They learn to push through.

  • Time Management and Sacrifice: They give up a lot of free time to rehearse and still get their school work done.

  • Teamwork: No one sits on the bench! They learn to depend on other and be someone who others can depend on.

  • Resilience and Flexibility: They make mistakes and keep going. They take criticism and they adjust and improve.

  • Connections: They interact with students they might not normally meet. They develop a second family that helps them through the tough high-school years.

  • Brain & Body Benefits: Countless studies show the benefits of music and movement for school performance and health.

Please support the Oak Grove Marching Band and Colorguard for a better community today and into our future!

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