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Donation things

our donation helps fund the these items and events:

Expanded Music Selections for Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Bands

Clinics for Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Bands

Uniform alterations, dry-cleaning, and repairs for concert and marching uniforms

Assistant Instruction– Color Guard, Drum Line and Pit, and Drum Majors

Miscellaneous supplies for Symphonic, Wind Ensemble, Jazz, and Marching bands

Transportation of equipment/uniforms – truck rental, fuel, and insurance for all competitions

Music and Field Design program costs for the Color Guard and Marching Band

Competition fees for Symphonic, Wind, Jazz, and Marching Bands

Supplies for instrument care and repair – percussion carts, tie down straps, equipment covers, replacement wheels, etc

Supplies for Competitions – first aid etc.

Supplies for auxiliary units – Color Guard, Percussion, Drum Majors

Awards and Recognitions

Food for most away shows and other events throughout the year

Upcoming trip to England for 2023 London New's Year's Day Parade

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