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How you can help

Areas we need help:

Fundraising – our band and color guard is almost completely supported by fundraisers

  • Ideally, someone to head up this area is needed. Our president is currently chairing this as well.

  • Chairing (organizing) smaller areas, such as Dine Out Nites, Poinsettias, See’s, Holiday Gift Wrap, De Brito Apples, and more!


  • A new lead is needed, as our chair is graduating out

  • Assistance with hair braiding, measuring costumes, ironing, and more!

Treasurer & Student Accounts

  • A new lead (this is a board position) is also needed here, as our Treasurer is graduating out

  • Assistance with Student Accounts, or possibly taking over this position

Props & Equipment

  • Join Pit Crew and help with props during shows and practice

  • Help build props and maintain them throughout the season

  • Help load and unload the trucks before and after the shows.


  • Help prep and/or serve food during our shows.

  • Help cleaning dishes after the shows


Please contact Beth Braithwaite at for more details or with any questions.

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