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Q&A with Steve Moura

7/1/23, 5:00 AM

A short Q&A about the fundraiser ride

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Q: Why did you decide to go on this 430-mile bike journey as a rider (or driver)?

A: This is my 5th year.  I decided to do this when Chris' wife Teresa was sick.  I felt he was going to need some support and that was a great way to spend quality time with him.

Q: What/where was your favorite view?

A: I loved riding up (Highway) 1 right on the water just before the end of the first day.  I also loved the Santa Ynez Valley rolling out of Solvang as well as the rollers on Hwy 1 before the climb into Ragged Point.

Q: What was the funniest thing you heard/that happen on the ride?

A: Funniest thing by far was the climb up Hecker pass on 152.  Chris was in the back commentating like the phenomenal Phil Leggett who is the commentator for the tour de France for the years and years I have watched the tour.

Q: Where was your favorite place you stayed on the ride?

A: I always love staying at Mitch and Mary's (Moore) house in Santa Barbara. They are such outstanding people.

Q: What is your favorite refuel/SAG snack?

A: Fav sag snack? Cinnamon pop tarts.

Q: What was your biggest challenge?

A: The biggest challenge was the section from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay.  Strong headwind.  So windy I couldn't hear anyone talking.  And it was the end of the 92 mile day

Q: What motivated you to continue when you felt like giving up?

A: Having done the ride a few  times, I really didn't feel like giving up.  Preparation makes it all about fun.  I know where the challenges are so mentally I am ready for it all.

Q: What strengths of your other teammates did you grow to value during this experience?

A: Eric has an amazing energy.  He is so positive and up beat and has such a great way of communicating with everyone. It really helped when the rest of us were mentally or physically tired.

Q: What does "showing up for your team" mean to you (professionally, personally, athletically, etc.)?

A: Showing up for the team means to put the needs of others first and doing more than may be required. There is no way we all make it if we don't support, encourage and help our teammates along.

Q: What is one weakness you felt  you were able turned into a strength?

A: There are times I can be selfish on a bike when I am competing, but at times, I was able to put others first to get them over the line.  I also really try to listen to others.  When you are tired and hungry, that can be a challenge, but I focused on being the best version of me as often as possible

Q: Please state the full name you'd prefer to use for publication; your title, occupation, or other identifier; and what background connects you with the band/Moura.

A: Steve Moura.  I am an operations manager at Cisco.  My connection is that Chris is my twin brother, so this ride means a lot to me.

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