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Ride4Moura Music Fundraiser Update

7/1/23, 5:00 AM

Ride raises 22% of $30,000 goal and growing

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This year, the marching band and color guard has the opportunity to once again perform in the London New Year’s Parade. The Ride 4 Moura Music Fundraiser aims to raise $30,000 to provide not only this performance opportunity, the money will also be used to fund sheet music, supplies for musical instrument repair and care, transportation for students and equipment, and uniforms among other things. Currently, the fundraiser has collected 22% of the $30,000 goal, which is $6,623 in donations.

The ride began at 7 a.m. on June 19  at the Bruins statue on the UCLA campus and finished at 11:30 a.m. on June 24 at Oak Grove High School with a finish-line BBQ celebration. Our cycling team consisted of Chris Moura, Steve Moura,  Rob Recker, Eric Krystkowiak, and Mike Zerbini going the entire 430-mile distance, as well as Scott Evans joining us on the first day of the ride from UCLA to the Supply and Gear (SAG) point at Point Mugu. Kenny Williams and Liz Nguyen provided support using vehicles lent by Kaarsten Turner and Zerbini. Special thanks goes out to Mitch and Mary Moore for dinner and the use of their accomodations in Santa Barbara, and to Krystkowiak for dinner and the use of his accomodations in Solvang. Last but not least, a hearty thank you to the booster's treasurer Angeline Fife for arranging all of team's hotel stays. Read more about our team by clicking on the links on the names above.

The bulk of the team drove down from Chris' house on Sunday, June 18 to Los Angeles. On the way, they packed banh mi lunches from Lee's Sandwiches in San Jose and stopped for cookies in Los Angeles at Diddy Riese Cookies. Despite a line that went out the door, the group delegated Steve to order seven bags, totalling 54 cookies. Most were consumed within the first two days. That evening the team stayed at the Comfort Inn in Santa Monica and feasted on Japanese takeout on the terrace/midway at their hotel. Williams flew in and arrived to the hotel after midnight.

The next day, after a 4 a.m. wake up, the team met up with Krystkowiak at the hotel and set off to the starting line at UCLA. Evans, and several UCLA marching band alumni Mike Rylaarsdam, David Watt, and Nancy Ishiki greeted the team at the Bruins Statue a 7 a.m. and sent the riders off on their journey.  On their first day, the riders completed 82 miles from UCLA to Carpenteria with a SAG point in Point Mugu. On this leg of the ride, Zerbini's knee began to lock up and Recker experienced three flats. Williams and Nguyen enjoyed chatting it up with locals over margaritas at Delgado's while waiting for the team to arrive at the Best Western meetup location. The team put down two pizzas from Giovanni's for lunch and restocked their inventory of tubes at Gonzo Cycles. That evening, the team enjoyed an enchilida dinner with their gracious hosts the Moore family in Santa Barbara.

On Tuesday morning, the team woke up to find Williams working on his computer since 1 a.m. despite the later wakeup time of 4. The team ate their usual breakfast of coffee and peanut butter sandwiches, loaded up the van and set off on the journey from Carpinteria to Solvang with a SAG point on Highway 1 in Goleta. In Solvang, Williams and Nguyen picked up grocceries for lunch from Valley Fresh Market and the team had a barbecue at Krystkowiak's house. The team enjoyed a swim and hot tub soak before taking much-needed naps. After a short rest, the team watched My Blue Heaven starring Steven Martin, Rick Moranis and Joan Cusak. They ate a wonderful pasta dinner courtesy of the Krystkowiak family.

Wednesday the team rode from Solvang to Morro Bay with their SAG point in Arroyo Grande. Special thanks to the Best Western Tradewinds for allowing the team to check-in early. For dinner, the team enjoyed seafood at Dutchman's Seafood House and listening to a live band at The Siren.

Thursday was perhaps the most challenging day for both the riders and the drivers. From Morro Bay, the team climbed 4,000 ft. of elevation to the Highway 1 closure before Limekiln with no SAG point to rest. The series of rolling hills, called rollers, proved challenging for the cyclists, and the twisting and narrow highway caused white knuckles for the driver of the front- and top-heavy van. Without cell signal or internet service, drivers Williams and Nguyen spent their time putting together curriculums and off-line documents. As the cyclist showed up to the closure one-by-one, the Moura brothers could be heard chanting "cup of sugar!" refering to the tradition of consuming a sugar-ladened post-ride drink of a White Elephant Latte from Ragged Point. The group had pasta for lunch at Etto Pasta Bar in Paso Robles and stayed at the Quality Inn in Fort Hunter Liggett in King City. That evening the team enjoyed breakfast for dinner at the local Denny's

From King City, the team rode to Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey on Friday. The Moura Brothers' parents and Chris' son Tyler met the team for lunch at Domenico's on the Wharf for a seafood lunch. That night the team stayed at the spacious Comfort Inn Monterey Penisula Airport and ate at Chili's Grill & Bar in Seaside for dinner. 

The final day of the journey, Saturday, the team rode from Monterey to the high school with a SAG point in Watsonville. The team was greeted with boosters, parents, students, and alumni at the finish line before celebrating the end of the 430-mile ride with a barbecue.

Please support the youth music program by following along our journey at or @ogbandboosters on social media. Please consider Donating to the fundraiser. Generous contributors can maximize their donation by checking in with their company's HR department about doubling the donation and submiting a matching request.

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